Bright Mirror

Bright Mirror

Officially separating my personal website and starting something that requires no additional effort from my end.

Usually, when people start something new, there are a lot of overhead costs that might translate into opportunity costs in the long run. If you’re starting a new business, starting a new book, starting a new job, there’s always an element of time and effort involved in pursuing any new opportunity.

However, if you’re starting something that doesn’t require much conscious effort on your end, that doesn’t feel like “work.”

It feels like “play,” which refers to activities that you’d do generally, without any expectations of profit or success, but rather just an exploration or outlet for your natural state of mind.

That’s what starting Bright Mirror feels like to me.

There are two reasons for this-

  1. Writing feels like second nature to me now. I have probably written over a million words at this point, in various genres of writing, like long-form fiction, short stories, non-fiction, essays, etc. This is something that’s now as second nature to me as walking, which is a nice way to say that I’ve gotten really good at typing words on a keyboard over the past few years.
  2. It will serve as an outlet for my actionable thoughts. If I’m writing, I’m thinking. And thinking critically about the books I’m reading and the media I’m consuming is a big reason why I value the time that I spend online.

So, what is Bright Mirror?

There’s only one way to find out. 😉

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