Billions in One Database

(Update: This essay has been chosen as one of the winning submissions.🏆) I. These are my thoughts on Jon Stokes’ post here. Read that first, and then come back and read this. In this essay, I’ll try to integrate some of Jon’s ideas into things which are already here, and try to peek into theContinue reading “Billions in One Database”

I created a nord theme for Scrivener Windows

Scrivener 3 for Windows is finally out. I never thought I’d type that line, but I’m happy to be proven wrong. I’ve been tinkering with it over the past couple of hours, and given how much I love the Nord Theme now (the palette of this entire website is based on that), I decided toContinue reading “I created a nord theme for Scrivener Windows”

My wife was psychic for a short while

A short horror story by Abhisek Basu ________ I love my wife, Lily, dearly. She has always been my best friend. I was devoid of love and affection for most of my life until she came along eight years ago. I have been in love ever since. We have been married for 5 years now.Continue reading “My wife was psychic for a short while”