Consequences about using my work without permission

I usually get notified about my work being hosted elsewhere by my readers and author groups that I’m a part of. It happens more often than you think, and it is not something that I enjoy. It wastes my time, and leads to me contacting hosting providers, site admins, etc. to take my work down, which happens quickly in most cases, but it’s still unnecessary.

So please, do not copy paste, reproduce or translate any of my works without my permission. That is theft of intellectual property, and it diminishes all the hard work I put in while creating the piece that you’ve chosen to conveniently steal and profit from.

This gets us nowhere, as after multiple copyright strikes and DMCA take-downs, your website will be eventually taken down. Hosting companies have always, and will continue to comply with original authors and not host copyrighted content illegally.

This applies to Youtube and other audio narrations of my work as well.

To get my permission, simply write to me at

Thank you for reading.