Film/Movie Adaptations and other Collaborations

If you’re here, you are here because you liked one or more of my works and want to make something from it.

Film/Movie adaptations

Firstly, thank you. I am flattered that you liked my work enough to think it’d look good on the big screen(or any visual medium). Thank you for not stealing my work and naming it your own (that’s not a very nice thing to do and usually leads to some unnecessary consequences).

Here’s what we can do, now:

Send me an email on

In the email, include a link to any of your past work and a statement of purpose of what you want to do and with which work. If you want me to write for a certain future or ongoing project, send everything you can about that and mention why I should work with you/for you.

Mention the story/novel that you wish to adapt. If you’re a new director just starting out, mention precisely why I should work with you/for you. We all start somewhere and under no circumstances will I ignore any queries.

Audio narrations

If you want to do an audio narration of my work, send me an email to ask for permission. If you earn money from your podcast/channel, send me a quote. Monetized channels/podcasts must send a quote along with the link of a previous narration, or else it will be ignored.

For writing collaborations, short story anthologies, online markets or magazines, send me an emailing detailing your query.

Final Words

No news is good news. If you haven’t received an email of rejection, it means I’m considering your offer and will reply soon.

Thank you for taking the time and reading this. Thank you for not stealing my intellectual property.

Send me an email on

Let’s talk and create something interesting!