SCARE SCARE: An Anthology of thirteen terrifying short stories by Abhisek Basu

Scare Scare: An Anthology of thirteen terrifying short tales by Abhisek Basu

Abhisek Basu’s first horror anthology brings us thirteen terrifying short stories where:

  • A man acquires the elusive Death Pill in his quest for psychedelic drugs. However, things start getting worse after he takes it. 
  • Alvaro’s eulogy for his deceased father takes an unexpected turn.
  • A cursed tree demands a sacrifice, but what happens when it doesn’t get it?
  • An author is asked to share a story on stage, by a woman. The whole crowd listens in awe as the author narrates his tale.
  • A man trying BDSM instantly regrets his decision as he discovers what he has got himself into, only after he is tied up
  • A husband discovers that his wife has psychic powers.
  • A man gets into a taxi, but he can’t get out.

And more! 

With stories getting over 50k shares on Facebook and hitting Reddit front page multiple times from r/NoSleep, Abhisek Basu already has a respectable reputation in the horror community. 

Notable comments from the author’s Facebook and Reddit pages: 

“This gave me shivers down my spine literally..Please ensure you use ur pen more often.. Already a fan 🙂 “

Facebook Comment

“Hi writer, one of the most beautiful masterpiece i’ve ever read. Looking forward for another output of yours. You trully deserve to be recognized and be awarded. Keep it up.”

Fan Page Comment

“Dear author,

Despite this story being the only one I’ve read of yours, am your fan already. Do write more.

-Yet another fan.”

Facebook Comment

“Drinks a lot, yet somehow manages to write stories that shouldn’t be read at night at all costs”

a comment from the author’s best friend

“The best stories ever written.”

a very biased friend

On a serious note, click here to see more praise and fan mail from the author’s readers

So, keep your lights on and say hello to sleepless nights. Embrace the darkness and let it guide the way. 

Good luck!

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